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Thank you for your continued business and support during this challenging period. Our office will continue to be open to serve clients from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. While we are open to the public, we still encourage our customers to reach us remotely via phone or email to ensure we can continue to keep our staff, clients and community safe. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Car and Bike Insurance

Great value car insurance: extra free benefits, lowest deductibles



  • Lowest deductibles and extra benefits without having to pay extra premium!
  • Market leading benefits as standard
  • Fast and fair claims response
  • Fast and efficient service

Car Insurance

We offer two levels of cover. Third Party provides basic cover for damage to others as a result of an accident that was deemed to be your fault. With Third Party cover, any damage to your own car is your responsibility. Comprehensive is a higher level of protection that additionally covers damage to your vehicle.

Comprehensive Third Party
Low premiums
Lowest deductibles in the market as standard
Basic cover:
Death or injury to persons outside your vehicle if you are at fault for accident
Your legal liability for damage to others' vehicles and property
Additional cover:
Your vehicle if it is stolen or damaged or destroyed by fire
Accidental damage to your vehicle resulting from collission or vandalism
New car replacement in the first 12 months
Free extra cover:
Hurricane and flood

Bike Insurance

  • Lowest premiums
  • Low deductibles as standard, which could save you $1,000 if your bike is stolen
  • $5 million liability limit
  • Fast claims turn around time

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